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We are a startup, our principal objetive is to create your product design. Our main goal is client satisfaction.

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We are a passionate team for details and amazing products. We love to get involve in client needs, process and develop Taylor made projects.


Quick results

Agile and Lean methodologies for small and large budgets.

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User experience

Design of comfortable and usable processes for the user.

computer interface

User interface

Elements and attractive structures for the user Brand.



We have the skills you need React, Node.js and much more to come.

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How is our design process?

It’s about the entire process of creating usable products and experiences, starting by defining real people’s problems and thinking about possible solutions.

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The team

Reporting to you


Marcos Defensa

Product Designer/ Client Service

I am a Graphic Designer passionate about digital products, with more than three years of experience in the market. My main goals are the perfect combination between user needs and client profits. I love equitation, wakeboarding and snowboarding.


Ezequiel Ruiz

UI & Graphic Designer

I am a visual artist and graphic designer with 13 years of experience. I studied at the University of Buenos Aires and combined digital and manual disciplines, resulting in a unique view of the entire graphic area. Passionate about cycling and tattoos.


Francisco Santillan

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm the coder. After obtaining my degree in Industrial Design and specializing in 3d printing, my passion for technology took me into programming and I turned myself into a Full-Stack JavaScript progammer. I love disruptive technologies and calisthenics.

Let's work together!

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